Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Coffee and scone

Well, it's really latte and scone. That's what I bought a block away from my shop at a local coffee stop. I forgot my lunch today, so now I will gain five pounds from the simple double-shot non-fat latte with 1/2 vanilla paired with an apple scone that probably has 12 ounces of sugar in it. Don't get me wrong, it was great and I'll bet that I burned off that many calories on the 1 block walk back to the shop while observing the screaming, playing children in the park. Maybe they were screaming, "Don't eat that!", but I couldn't hear them clearly because of the sugar high.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer scents, I gotta think

It seems that coconut fragrances are in vogue this spring/summer. I have several in my scent arsenal, ranging from the bake-yourself-in-the-sun H. Tropics type, to a fruity coconut remini(scent) of a beach somewhere sunful. (That's 'sinful' but with sun. Oh never mind.) So, me thinks that maybe a sunful coconut soap is in order, as are several coconutty candles and maybe even shampoo bars again. I am sitting here typing with a 3 year old 'Fresh Coconut' shampoo bar stuck under my nose. I made them in my first attempts at a non-soap shampoo bar, made with mild surfactants and light conditioners. After reading up on ingredients and the chemistry again, it turns out that I will not be changing anything with regards to ingredients, and will make them look less like lumpy cupcakes and more like something I meant to do. I think coconut will make a reappearance, but there will be at least two other fragrances or combinations of fragrances. Three is a good number, unless it's three cats, and that's two too many.