Friday, May 23, 2008

Markets and Gas

Our local farmer's market began two weeks ago. Because of a big concert the following day, I didn't want to risk being outside in the wind and cold and then having no voice to sing. (The website for the choir is The concert went wonderfully, as my director-husband would agree. We couldn't have asked for better.

Last Friday's market was very good, although all of our vendors are not attending yet- they will start showing up in a couple of weeks with flowering plants, more vegetable plant starters, more baked goods. It is a bit funny and a bit sad when people show up already in May looking for sweet corn and green beans....they have lost the link between their food and it's origins. The food at our market is grown and produced by the vendors, and most of the corn and beans have just been planted. I just find it mildly amusing. Soap and candles, organic lotions and balms continue to be a big hit, the new packaging and display are fresh for the season, with more of a 'natural' tilt with color and fabrics. That coincides with my using mostly organic ingredients, selecting recyclable and recycled packaging and bags, and everything the business stands for in general. New this season are aromatherapy inhalers utilizing special synergy blends of essential oils. Lavender pillow mist is the new addition for the market next week!

School is out late next week, and mom here isn't quite sure how to juggle things! It generally requires a couple of weeks of chaos to get into a groove. We wanted to drive to Seattle this summer, to get back to the old stomping grounds of 13 years ago, and so our oldest could see where he was born. With gas prices climbing exponentially, that just may not happen. We may be finding interesting areas within our own state and in Minnesota instead. I'm looking at buying a new car soon, one that gets better gas mileage than my '96 Caravan (a whopping 14.7 mpg.) Leaning towards a Prius..........I wish I could find a lavender one, like my old '71 VW Super Beetle LOL!

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Sweet and Savory said...

I see you are a new blogger or perhaps, this is a new blog. Let me wish you the best of luck with the blog.

If you have questions, ask them.

I remember when I was new and felt like a ship lost at sea.