Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pet Show

This afternoon was the much-anticipated second grade pet show at our son's school. After thinking of the worst case scenarios, such as 1. Kitty runs away 2. Kitty tears my face off 3. Kitty relieves herself in my car 4. Kitty attacks a pit bull- I bravely chose to attach her collar and a makeshift leash, put her in the car, drive to the school and hope for the best.

We were the first to arrive, so we hung out on the playground equipment until other pet parents began to appear. The first dog was very large, clearly outweighing it's owner, so we hung back for awhile. The eventual menagerie included an assortment of canines, six felines, and a koi. The main cacophany came from the dogs, and an occasional meow by a cat. The koi was very quiet.

Things were well under control until the kids were released from the school, spilling out onto the sidewalks and running towards us. Kiwi the kitty took one look, climbed my sweater, and buried her face in my neck. She did eventually peek out and relax when our son appeared, and then his friends were able to pet her. She actually did a very good job of controlling herself in a stressful situation, and was a bit reluctant to go back into the house at the end of our adventure. She went straight to the water dish, and I went straight to the lint brush.

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Anonymous said...

Now, that was an adventure. I would not have had the courage to do it. Congrats on handling it so well.