Thursday, August 19, 2010

End of Summer?

Today will be at least 85 to 90, Tuesday was in the 70's! The leaves are already falling off of our maple trees and the cicadas are still singing...I think Mother Nature is all mixed up.

An order came in for me yesterday, a load of lotion bottles (the newer flat style with the I began using early in 2009) and some new fragrances! I will begin testing these this week, to determine which will be the winners, and list them here and on the website as soon as I'm ready. I'm getting the soap studio ready for another soap-making marathon, and working on a few new products. Busy and happy to be!

There are just a few weeks left of the Downtown Mason City Saturday Market, and almost two months left of the N. IA Farmer's Market. At the end of October it will be mighty chilly out there, but I'll stick it out as long as I can! Shop hours are normalizing here, now that school has started again. Those changes will be posted on the website and on Facebook, as well as on the front door of the candle studio.

So- is it Summer or Autumn?

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